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While it’s entirely possible to enjoy the sights and sounds of Antarctica from the panoramic decks of the Ocean Endeavour, our voyages are designed to take full advantage of all that our vessel offers for expedition cruising and in the true spirit of Antarctic adventure, we offer a number of included and optional activities that let you customize your experience of the white continent.

On top of our included zodiac cruises, hikes and lectures, snowshoeing and kayaking are sure to please the more adventurous types while our yoga and wellness program, a chance to camp under the Antarctic sky or a private photography workshop are great ways to further enhance your knowledge and appreciation of the natural world around you.



We offer a large number of off-ship adventure activities in the polar regions, for those who want to maximise their Antarctic experience. Most of these more active pursuits take place while the rest of the passengers are on shore or cruising in a zodiac.

We encourage clients to be involved in as many additional activities as possible, however as some of these activities are operated simultaneously or take priority due to weather and ground conditions, clients will have to choose their preference of available activities for the allotted times.

Sea Kayaking

Under full instruction from your sea kayaking guide, experience true tranquillity as you paddle through clinking ice floes and realise the enormity of the surrounding scenery. Look out for breaching whales, lounging seals and penguins zipping alongside your kayak.  All kayaking equipment is provided and a guide will be on hand at all times to assist you.

Ice Camping

While the Ocean Endeavour’s cozy cabins will be your home base, on select itineraries, an opportunity to leave your bunk behind for a night and fall asleep under an Antarctic sky is a unique adventure to remember. Drifting off to sounds of a shifting glacier and waking to a parade of penguins at sunrise, a chance to camp out on the ice is made possible by our guides who will help you establish your own base camp on the ice for a night!

Private Photography Workshop

From sprawling glaciers to wildlife and an abundance of snow-capped scenery, Antarctica is a photographer’s paradise. Whether you’re a semi-professional, a weekend shutterbug or even an iPhone beginner, our photography programme has been designed from the ground up to make sure everyone makes the most of their voyage to capture those images of a lifetime. 


Explore further afield, beyond the scope of our standard excursion, our lightweight snowshoes make it easy to navigate across the polar snow to otherwise inaccessible areas. This fun activity is typically 2-3 hours in length and no prior experience in necessary, only a moderate level of fitness. Snowshoes are available on select early season departures. 

Forward Zodiac Cruising

From whales to albatross, penguins and the elusive leopard seal; catching a glimpse of every Antarctic marine species is made so much easier with the speed and range of our forward-facing zodiacs. Larger than our traditional watercraft and with individual, forward facing seating, these small vessels allow for unparalleled viewing. One off forward-facing zodiac excursions are a great way to change gears for the day and to go that little further.


Practising yoga on your Antarctic expedition is a great way to relax, heighten your senses and really open yourself to the experience. Our highly skilled yoga teachers offer daily yoga classes and stretching classes throughout your Antarctic expedition. These classes are tailored for participants of varying skill and fitness levels and are offered once or twice a day.



Each journey is adventure packed with included activities that offer unforgettable experiences and wildlife encounters. 

These activities are open for all passengers and we highly recommend involvement in these activities as they only enhance an individuals’ Antarctic experience.


Feel the crunch of Antarctic snow underfoot with regular landings offered throughout the voyage. 

Although referred to as hiking, we offer shore landings at a variety of paces to meet all expeditioners needs. From leisurely shore hugging walks to more challenging hikes through the snowscape.

Zodiac Cruising

Aboard a sturdy and durable zodiac boat you will explore the icy surface of the Antarctic & sub-Antarctic waters. 

Getting up close and personal to mammoth icebergs, sailing past a pod of orcas or cruising through the brash ice whilst admiring the surroundings.

Daily Lectures & Briefings

Daily educational lectures are provided by our Expert Guides  with detailed insights into geography, history, marine biology, ornithology and more. 

Along with daily briefings to summarise the days explorations and discuss the coming days schedule. 

Watch our video on Antarctic adventure activities.

Frequently Asked Questions.

There is no minimum fitness level required to enjoy the activities on board the Ocean Endeavour, it is necessary though that you can embark and disembark a zodiac boat for participation in many of these activities. Additionally for hiking we ask that you select a group speed that it is suitable for yourself and for kayaking to be able to swim and have prior kayaking experience. 

Adventure activities are limited to the variable group sizes outlined below. For the additional optional activities, as these are time and weather permitted & potentially can operate on more than one occasion, these will be on a first come, first serve basis (arranged on-board). Our included activities are arranged to permit all on-board passengers. 

Photography Workshop- 20 spaces

Ice Camping- 30 spaces

Kayaking- 32 spaces

We encourage clients to be involved in as many included & additional activities as possible, however as some of these activities are operated simultaneously or take priority due to weather and ground conditions, clients will have to choose their preference of available activities for the allotted times.

All included activities are complimentary. For the optional activities we are offering free yoga classes. For ice camping, snowshoeing and forward zodiac cruising this is offered at a fixed price pp per experience. Finally the kayaking & the photography workshop experiences vary in cost depending on overall voyage duration.

Activity costs range from US$50 – US$1299 per person, please refer to the Ocean Endeavour Live Availability & Pricing sheets for individual costings.

Should weather and sea conditions permit this fun additional activity will be operational. It is voluntary and operated safely under the guidance of the Expedition Team.