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Sailing the windswept waves of the Southern Ocean and interacting with the unique wildlife of the Antarctic Peninsula is an unparalleled way to open one’s senses with new and unfamiliar surroundings. While your expert guides take you through the landscapes of the Antarctic and educate and inspire along the way, our onboard yoga program can be a great way to devote some time each day to further absorb these new experiences while boosting your energy and awareness. Start each day with a Sun Salutation to icebergs floating by and come back from your Antarctic voyage feeling refreshed and with new and improved skills as taught by your expert instructor.


Surrender to the Moment and be Grateful.

Yoga & Meditation

What equipment do I need to bring?

Our onboard wellness program gives you exclusive access to the ship’s Meridian Lounge where our guides will prepare mats, towels and stretching equipment used for each yoga session on board. While packing for your Antarctic voyage, just add some exercise clothing like tights and a light hoodie as well as some good socks. Just note that as we are doing yoga on a ship, you will be required to wear proper footwear while making your way from your cabin to the yoga lounge. This could be runners or other enclosed-toed shoes. 

When does the program take place and who teaches it?

A core idea to expedition cruising is that we get you out and about for excursions each and every day. Whether zodiac cruising around Neko Harbour or Landing Port Lockroy, we aim for two excursions or more for each day we travel in the Antarctic. This means that our wellness guides are up early every morning to lead a yoga session for breakfast and will seek to find time for yoga sessions between our morning and afternoon schedules. Often this means rising a little earlier than everyone else each day and making the most out of the brilliant Antarctic sunrise.

Do I need to be experienced at yoga to participate?

No. While our wellness guides are advanced and qualified teachers of yoga, our onboard program includes all levels of skill and fitness. “Yoga on the Peninsula aboard the Ocean Endeavour, is for everyone, every shape and every level of practice,” says lead wellness guide Sophie Deschamps. “The environment is our guide for the practice and we can each choose what we need our instructors to provide. Our practice onboard will include simple breathing exercises, a selection of yoga postures, some visualization and a guided relaxation.” 

Will we be doing yoga on the ice? Isn’t it too cold?

While we love the idea of rolling out a yoga mat on some sea ice, we’ll be doing all our yoga sessions on board the ship!
The Ocean Endeavour’s auxiliary entertainment spaces and lounges give us a great amount of space for all aspects of our adventure options and the Meridian Lounge serves as the perfect, light-filled space for stretching, visualization and relaxation. However, our wellness guides have been known to offer some “spontaneous” mediation sessions out in the snow if the opportunity presents itself!

Frequently asked Questions.

Although we’re sure our wellness guides sorely miss their daily yoga session while we cross the Drake Passage, our yoga program will commence once we have crossed the Bransfield Strait and found smoother water. 

Once on the Antarctic Peninsula and among much calmer water the ship moves very little and provides a much safer (and far more relaxing!) yoga experience on board.

Yes. As our wellness program is one of our few options confined to the ship, it works well between excursions each day and allows you to combine any of our other adventure options with your yoga routine for the duration of the Antarctic voyage. Just remember to change from your tights to your drysuit before going kayaking!

Typically, our yoga class takes up to 15 people – the ideal amount to spread out with maximum room in the Meridian Lounge.
Because of this, it isn’t necessary to book ahead of time and you can simply join the yoga program – or even a single class – once on board. Occasionally, we find that class numbers grow to upwards of twenty; in which case we add an additional class after the day’s final excursion or in the evening for a final salutation to the Antarctic sun.


What we say:

A yoga practice onboard always adds depth of connection and awareness while exploring the most unpredictable seas, unique shorelines, vivid landscapes and wildlife where the winds and waves guide the journey!

Sophie Deschamps, Ocean Endeavour Lead Wellness Guide.