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Giving our clients an unforgettable trip of a lifetime doesn’t just happen but takes a whole team of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced professionals!

Our Expedition team is part of a legacy of adventurers and explorers who have travelled to the most remote areas on Earth. Featuring a cast of extraordinary real-life explorers, including acclaimed scientists, historians, photographers and daring pioneers, our expedition staff provide leadership, engaging interpretations of our natural world and historical context for all our voyages on board the Ocean Endeavour.
Some have degrees in marine biology or political science while others have trained as park rangers, outdoor educators and medics. They are adventure guides, wildlife experts, glaciologists, environmentalists and conservationists and have worked extensively in the Polar Regions.

With one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios in the industry, our passengers can maximize their polar adventure every step of the way. 

Our Expedition Leaders

Dr. Alex Cowan

Expedition Leader

Alex has long held a fascination with the natural world and with polar regions, studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. His graduate research included work on laboratory modelling of volcanoes as well as carbon sequestration techniques for the purposes of mitigating climate change.

He has worked as a polar guide since 2011, and in addition to leading ship based expeditions has worked in the field with the Government of South Georgia on guideline reviews. He is passionate about safe and professional guiding and sits on the board of directors of the Polar Tourism Guides Association.

Daniel Johnston

Expedition Leader

After a decade of teaching in public school classrooms from Texas to Uzbekistan to Alaska, Daniel escaped to the woods and glaciers, where he continued his calling to educate, through guiding. He has now been working in and sharing the wonders of the natural world as a guide for over a decade on the icy cold waters of Alaska, Antarctica and the Arctic.

While ice and whales have kept Daniel coming back to the polar regions for more than 40 voyages, he embraces the opportunity to lead the Expedition Team, as they conquer the challenges of weather, ice and wildlife. Having studied Philosophy and Literature at Texas A&M University, Daniel is always looking to help make the deeper connections in our expedition experiences.

Our Expert Guides

Lauren Farmer

Assistant Expedition Leader

Lauren Farmer has extensive experience in both the Arctic and Antarctic, having guided expeditions for the past 7 years. She is a proud fellow of the Explorers Club and is co-founder of a non-profit, the Polar Citizen Science Collective, which works to promote scientist-led citizen science programs on board expedition vessels.

Dr. Andrew Jackson

History Presenter & Guide

Andrew has been immersed in Antarctic affairs for 30 years, working mostly with the Australian Antarctic Programme leading Antarctic law and functions. He has been to Antarctica 19 times, visiting several research stations as an expedition manager. He left the Antarctic Division in 2009 and has worked since as a private consultant. 

Chris Long

Expedition Guide

Chris grew up as part of New Zealand’s most remote family – living off the land as sustainably as possible by growing a vegetable garden, catching fish and hunting deer. Since leaving home,  he has been teaching extreme Antarctic survival skills at New Zealand’s Scott Base. When he is not teaching, he runs field safety around McMurdo Sound.

Dr. Ian Malcolm Godfrey

History Presenter & Guide

An organic chemist, Ian worked as a teacher and lecturer between 1979 and 1987 before joining the Department of Materials Conservation in the Western Australian Museum. Ian became involved in the conservation of the historic Mawson’s Huts buildings at Cape Denison and has now worked in Antarctica on 14 occasions.

Emily Gregory

Marine Biology Presenter & Guide

Emily’s captivation with the natural world stems from her inherent curiosity in understanding the ecological interactions of our marine environments. Growing up exploring the biodiverse waters of the eastern coastline of Australia only strengthened her natural curiosities and she sought a career in the marine field of applied research.

Joel Moore

Science Coordinator

Joel was born on the Gold Coast, Australia. Lucky to have traveled to more than 30 countries before turning 13, traveling is all he knows. Since then Joel has blended a love for adventure sports with harsh cold environments. Annually surfing in the Canadian Arctic with icebergs, mountaineering at high-altitude in Nepal and backcountry skiing in Afghanistan.

Tyrone Mckendry

Ornithologist Presenter & Guide

Ty is a professional ecologist with a Master in Science degree from the University of Witwatersrand. His research focused on determining the value of wildlife corridors as a strategy to conserve biodiversity in urban environments. After leaving university, Tyrone chose to pursue a career as an expedition lecturer on cruise ships around the world.

Kevin Closs

Expedition Guide

Kevin Closs is a singer-songwriter from Manitoulin Island. He has worked as a recording and performing artist releasing twelve albums, playing concerts, festivals and clubs across the country. Since 2015, Kevin has worked as a guide on different expedition vessels, visiting Greenland, Nunavut, Svalbard, Antarctica and South Georgia. 

Kate Wilson

Marine Biology Presenter & Guide

Kate loves adventure and exploring what mother nature created for us! Both above and below the sea, she has been lucky enough to see extraordinary animals in their home environments, Africa’s big 5 and most of the little 5, gorillas, elephants, iguanas, tortoises, sharks, rays, seals, penguins, whales, dolphins and thousands of fish to name a few!

Dr. Rebecca Wellard

Marine Biology Presenter & Guide

Bec is a marine mammal scientist with a focus on multiple disciplines, including bioacoustics, population ecology, cognitive behaviour and applied conservation. She completed her PhD investigating the vocal repertoire, social structure and dietary preferences of Antarctic and Australian killer whales. She is the founder and director of Project ORCA, an organisation focused on killer whale conservation and research in Australia and surrounding waters.

Andrew Lock

Expedition Guide

Andrew is a high altitude mountaineer, global adventurer, and polar veteran. He worked as a trainer and leader for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions on the Antarctic continent. He has raced Sydney to Hobart twice, winning his division in 2018, sailed around Cape Horn in a 30-foot gaff-rigged Colin Archer yacht, and has trekked, climbed, skied and adventured on every continent.

Matthew Crouch

Expedition Guide

Matt first travelled to Antarctica in 2015 and was immediately consumed with a passion for the region. He first worked as a chef aboard expedition ships in both polar regions but discovered a love for photography along the way. It is his goal to capture the beauty and ferocity of this wild land so that those who can’t be here can still see and appreciate the wonders of this final frontier.

Jim Narraway

Kayak Guide

Jim is a thirty year veteran of the professional fire service specializing as a water rescue instructor, river guide and avid outdoors-man.
Born in Ottawa Canada, Jim has left footsteps and paddle swirls throughout the continent and around the world; hiking, biking, diving and paddling in Australia, Africa, Central/South America, Europe and the polar regions.

Kristin Eriksson

Expedition Guide

 Kristin was born and raised on the east coast of Sweden.  When she was 19 years old, she went to Antarctica for the first time and fall in love with the White continent. She has worked as a guide on five continents and lives now in Svalbard, the realm of the polar bear. She still heads South to work as an expedition guide in Antarctica from time to time. 

Brandon Payne

Kayak Guide

From an early age, Brandon has had an intense passion for adventure and the natural environment. Living in Cape Town, and being almost surrounded by the ocean, resulting in this passion being fueled largely by sea-based activities including boating and kayaking. He since qualified as an APA certified Sea Kayak Guide, enthusiastic to guide others to the remote corners of the world.

Ellie Clin

Expedition Co-ordinator

Ellie Clin is an environmental educator by training and an adventurer at heart, having explored all seven continents and both polar regions. Her love for being on the water often finds her snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, or driving a zodiac. But her passion for being under the water is what led her to pursue a PADI Divemaster qualification.

Suzie Hanlan

Expedition Guide

Suzie has spent sixteen summers as a field biologist in the Arctic, studying eiders, whales, seals, walrus, and polar bears. For more than a decade, she has conducted aerial surveys for marine mammals in the Arctic and North Atlantic areas. She is currently based in Alaska where she enjoys sharing its spectacular nature with visitors by guiding adventurous, multi-sport hiking and camping trips.

Andres Arrosamena Pollitzer

Logistics Co-ordinator

Andres is an outdoor adventure specialist with extensive experience in marine and mountain environments. He was born in the wilds of Patagonia, Argentina but has mostly been living and working abroad since the age of 18. Since 2009, Andres has been working in the polar regions and completed more than 100 different expeditions to Antarctica, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard and northeastern Russia.

Our Photography Guides

Simon Ager

Simons’ career spanning 18 years as a TV graphic artist creating opening titles for such shows as BBC’s “Wildlife on One”, news camera and as an award-winning Visual FX artist for film and television. A passion for nature and what lies beneath the waves, scuba diving around the world for some twenty years, it was a natural progression to step into the realm of ocean conservation from armchair warrior.

Jason Ransom

Jason began working as a naturalist guide after falling in love with the Canadian arctic in 2016. Jason now splits his time between northern Canada, Antarctica and other guiding/photography assignments around the globe.  Prior to becoming a guide, Jason’s photography career had him traveling the world. Most notably, he served as the chief photographer to the Canadian Prime Minister and as a photographer for Canada’s Olympic Team.

Kimberly Nesbitt

From traveling the world working on scientific endeavors, Kim always carried a camera to the beautiful places she found herself, not knowing it would eventually turn into a lifelong passion and career. Her images have been featured on National Geographic online as well as multiple outdoor companies’web and print material. Kim knows the power of images that can bring the beauty of the natural world to home, and looks to use these images to inspire awe and conservation.

Curtis Jones

It takes a certain personality to appreciate the details of a climate rarely inhabited by people. Curtis has spent most of his career saturating himself in the polar regions of the planet, dividing his residency between Newfoundland and Nunavut, Canada. His work has been seen in National Geographic Explorer, Canadian Geographic, The Globe, Huffington Post and more. He is often seen leading photography workshops in remote areas, sharing his appreciation for adventure with others.

Corey Morgan Accardo

Even though Corey was born and raised in the desert the seas salty waters and all the mysteries that abound them have always captivated her interest and heart, she has been very fortunate to spend much of her career helping to protect and photo document some of our planets rarest creatures, from sharks to sea turtles and shorebirds to whales.
She will always be found with a camera in hand documenting all the beauty that abounds us.

Yuri Choufour

Yuri Choufour is a Canadian nature and expedition photographer, who’s been fascinated with the natural world since early childhood. After obtaining a diploma in professional photography, and an award for photojournalism, he completed an internship with the Calgary Herald. In 2010 he sought out assisting opportunities with Art Wolfe Inc. and found world travel and teaching photography to be some of his true callings.

Bruno Truzzi Cazarini

Born in Campinas, Southeast of Brazil, from a very young age Bruno was introduced to the endangered Atlantic rain forest and developed a strong sense of respect for the beauty of nature but also its fragility. It’s from these roots and this appreciation of the natural world that Bruno found himself traveling around the globe working on a number of vessels and ultimately finding found his real passion of photography.

Brett Garner

Brett is a photographer, marine biologist, and polar diver from California who is often found with a camera in hand working to inspire marine conservation. He earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA in marine biology and his master’s from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in marine biology and conservation.  His work has taken him to all seven continents  and he is currently based in Perth, Australia.

Katherine Taylor Simpkins

Taylor’s work as a marine biologist and underwater photographer has brought her to remote regions of the Pacific, Indian, and Southern Ocean to document global change to marine ecosystems. Taylor’s most recent photo story on mass coral bleaching over the past 4 years has been featured in Australian Geographic and has been successfully used to improve protection and monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef by UNESCO.