Andres Arrosamena Pollitzer

Logistics Co-ordinator

Andres is an outdoor adventure specialist with extensive experience in marine and mountain environments. He was born in the wilds of Patagonia, Argentina but has mostly been living and working abroad since the age of 18.

Over the years, he has worked as a chef, a lifeguard, and a commercial sailor where he earned his RYA Day Skipper Practical Sailing -Tidal- license at the age of 26. At his hometown, he works as a Forestal fireman and a paramedic , when he is not exploring .

Since 2009, Andres has been working in the white world of the polar regions and, so far, has completed more than 100 different expeditions to Antarctica, the Sub-Antarctic Islands of the Falklands and South Georgia, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard and northeastern Russia onboard the now-retired icebreaker Kapitan Klebchnicov.
His role involves driving Zodiacs, guiding passengers while onshore, and guiding ice cruises while searching for wildlife. Onboard ships he loves watching birds, ice and all kind of mammals.

His hobbies include backpacking, camping, fly-fishing, playing guitar and playing with engines. He enjoys spending time at home with family and friends, but it usually doesn`t take longer than a few weeks until he heads somewhere else chasing new experiences.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“Sailing among humpback whales is, was and always will be an experience without equal, its magnitude and elegance with such delicacy make that experience unique for a lifetime … even more if she puts her head on the pontoon of your boat!”