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Brandon Payne

Kayak Guide

From an early age, Brandon has had an intense passion for adventure and the natural environment. Living in Cape Town, and being almost surrounded by the ocean, resulting in this passion being fueled largely by sea-based activities including boating and kayaking. Following years of recreational boat skippering, Brandon began skippering commercially for a Scuba Dive Company and for Big Wave Surf enthusiasts and photographers in Cape Town.

After realising the potential of a kayak as an effective craft to explore the waters around his home town, Brandon later qualified as an APA certified Sea Kayak Guide, enthusiastic to guide others in pristine and beautiful areas from the seat of this craft. He has spent the last few years fulfilling this enthusiasm and passion in the slightly colder waters of Antarctica, Northern Europe, and the Arctic.

His interest and respect for the natural environment steered him towards studies in the field of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, where he focused on Environmental Management, Ecotourism, and Disaster Risk Management. He hopes to combine his studies and passions with travel, where he is free to impart knowledge and instill the same respect of our natural environment in others.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“In February 2019 we arrived at Cierva Cove on an absolutely perfect day. We had blue skies, glassy flat and crystal clear blue water, and stunning ice in every direction. As soon as we had all the kayakers on the water, a overly curious minke whale instantly came over to us to have a look. The minke spent the remainder of the kayak trip with us, circling and slowly gliding underneath the kayaks often coming right up and having a look at the paddlers. An experience all involved will never forget. “