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Chris Long

Expedition Guide

Chris grew up as part of New Zealand’s most remote family. To get to his home he had to hike for 2 long days along the South Island’s rugged West Coast or fly for 30 minutes by fixed wing airplane or helicopter. Here his family lives off the land as sustainably as possible by growing a vegetable garden, catching fish and hunting deer.

Since leaving home, he has set out to experience as many incredible things as possible in his life. That journey has taken him from the most remote parts of the world in the Arctic and Antarctic to the busiest streets of the world’s largest cities.
Most recently he has been teaching extreme Antarctic survival skills at New Zealand’s Scott Base for two full summers. When he is not teaching, he will be running field safety for scientists as they conduct their ground breaking experiments around McMurdo Sound. He has a lot of stories to share from his time living in a small but very busy research station.

Other memorable experiences for him to date have been sailing the notorious North West Passage in a small yacht, crossing the mighty Southern Ocean many times, teaching outdoor education in China and backpacking to over 60 countries on 6 continents.

Chris is excited to show other people the sheer beauty that Antarctica holds in this wild, untouched corner of the world.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“Having to abandon a survival camp at midnight on the Ross Ice shelf near Scott Base because of an incoming blizzard. The temperature was -40℃ with 25 kt winds and it was dark. It was incredible to see how perfectly-capable people were unable to perform the simplest of tasks, (to roll up a sleeping bag and walk 30m) in those harsh conditions.”