Corey Morgan Accardo

Photography Guide

Even though Corey was born and raised in the desert the seas salty waters and all the mysteries that abound them have always captivated her interest and heart, she has been very fortunate to spend much of her career helping to protect and photo document some of our planets rarest creatures, from sharks to sea turtles and shorebirds to whales.
After completing an undergraduate degree studying marine biology and photography, surrounded by the redwoods and crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, Corey dove headfirst into the seasonal research field which allowed her the amazing opportunity to travel while working as a biological researcher and photographer from balmy near tropical waters to the frozen seas of the poles; utilizing various survey platforms including small fixed-wing airplanes, large and small research vessels, kayaks, 4×4 trucks, ATVs, and on the foot. She will always be found with a camera in hand documenting all the beauty that abounds us.

Corey strongly believes that the best way to learn is to teach and looks forward to doing a lot of both with all the wonderful guests on-board.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“Few things in this world will ever have the opportunity to move you as much as the first time you see Antarctica. The journey to get there, the shear mass of the place, the abundance of wildlife, being surrounded by so many forms of ice, and knowing that you are one of a select few to have this epic privilege.”