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Daniel Johnston

Expedition Leader

After a decade of teaching in public school classrooms from Texas to Uzbekistan to Alaska, Daniel escaped to the woods and glaciers, where he continued his calling to educate, through guiding. He has now been working in and sharing the wonders of the natural world as a guide for over a decade on the icy cold waters of Alaska, Antarctica and the Arctic. 

While ice and whales have kept Daniel coming back to the polar regions for more than 40 voyages, he embraces the opportunity to lead the Expedition Team, as they conquer the challenges of weather, ice and wildlife.  Having studied Philosophy and Literature at Texas A&M University, Daniel is always looking to help make the deeper connections in our expedition experiences.

For Daniel, nothing can match the sheer joy of being on the water, in wild places, with nature unfolding her mysteries before you. When not leading wilderness adventures, Daniel can be found enjoying a round of disc golf, going for a hike or screaming at a nearby TV about the performance, or lack thereof, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What is your most memorable Polar experience?

“The jubilation from guests and staff, alike, that followed the first successful deployment of a suction cup-camera tag on an Antarctic Minke Whale, rivaled the cheering that follows a goal in a World Cup Match.  Dovetailing the goals of tourism and science together with such success is an experience that highlights the joy of working in polar guiding.”