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Emily Gregory

Marine Biology Presenter & Guide

Emily is a marine biologist, diver, sun worshiping, adventurous nomad. When she is not exploring the world’s oceans, you’ll find her living the Sunshine Coast lifestyle in beautiful Queensland, Australia.

Her captivation with the natural world stems from her inherent curiosity in understanding the ecological interactions that occur within our marine environments. Growing up exploring the incredibly biodiverse waters of the eastern coastline of Australia only strengthened her natural curiosities and she sought a career in the marine field of applied research.

Initially studying at the University of Queensland, she was drawn back to the expansive wilderness on the doorstep of the University of Sunshine Coast where she completed her ecology studies and thesis research on the morphology of Australia’s east coast humpbacks. A field season on the remote west coastline of South America left her mesmerised by the world of marine megafauna. Much of her travels and research since has followed the migrations of baleen whales, through South America, Tonga, Southeast Alaska and the coastlines of Australia.

Her lure to exotic destinations has given her a true appreciation for the earth’s natural diversity. She uses her adventures and experiences of wild and remote places as motivation to instill inspiration and a drive for exploration in others. She aspires to play a role in conserving the world’s threatened marine fauna, and in sharing our inextricable link to the ocean, hopes to grow a greater appreciation of safeguarding what the natural world and its inhabitants have to offer.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

“I am most content exploring wild and untouched places so it’s no surprise that some of my fondest memories lie within the overwhelming natural beauty and diversity of southeast Alaska. Experiencing the calving of LeConte Glacier, flanked by snow-capped granite mountains and surrounded by harbor seal pups taking shelter on the fallen bergs was an incredibly humbling experience.”