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Jim Narraway

Kayak Guide

Jim is a thirty year veteran of the professional fire service specializing as a water rescue instructor, river guide and avid outdoors-man. Born in Ottawa Canada, Jim has left footsteps and paddle swirls throughout the continent and around the world; hiking, biking, diving and paddling in Australia, Africa, Central/South America and Europe. From his early years surveying the sub-arctic with the Government of Canada to exploring the Great Barrier Reef as a SCUBA guide, Jim found a passion in being part of the solitude and wonder of our natural world.

A unique opportunity presented in 2017, when he joined the operations team on the Canada C3 expedition which circumnavigated Canada via the Northwest Passage. He continues to work with “Students on Ice”an award winning program that educates world youth on the importance of the polar regions. Jim is also on the expedition team with Adventure Canada specializing in Arctic travel connecting people to the environment, community and each other.

A certified educator and trainer, his priority is to ensure clients experience a safe and comfortable adventure while empowering them to learn and engage with the Polar Regions. He is passionate about climate issues and the impact on the polar environment, species and cultures.
Among his hobbies, he manages a large natural wetland complex west of Ottawa focusing on the enhancement and diversification of native species. He is active in several sports, an avid fisherman, hunter, gardener, beekeeper and musician.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“…finding yourself floating along within the mountains of flowing icebergs, the silence is broken only by the sound of a whales breath echoing off the radiant ice. “