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Joel Moore

Science Coordinator

Joel was born on the Gold Coast, Australia. Lucky enough to have traveled to more than 30 countries before turning 13, traveling is all he knows. After experiencing a ‘real’ winter in Canada during 2009/10, he was hooked. Since then Joel has blended a love for adventure sports with harsh cold environments. Annually surfing in the Canadian Arctic with icebergs and polar bears, mountaineering at high-altitude in Nepal and backcountry skiing in Afghanistan.

Joel has a vast knowledge of different environments from his various work as a Polar Bear guide, a naturalist in Antarctica, Greenland and Svalbard over the past 3 years, snowboard instructor/guide in Japan, a veterinary assistant at a wildlife hospital in Australia and dog mushing guide/instructor in Canada.

He currently has no permanent address, enjoys constantly traveling, as well as meeting and learning about people and their experiences. As a qualified teacher, it is engrained in Joel to impart knowledge and experiences to enhance a person’s understanding. He is looking forward to sharing new experiences and his joy of travel with you whilst aboard.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“The moment I fell in love with Antarctica. it was arriving at the viewpoint of Neko Harbour on my very first trip to Antarctica. To be surrounded 360 degrees by glaciers on a blue-bird day, with whales in the bay and standing on my 7th continent was a very special experience.”