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Kate Wilson

Marine Biology Presenter & Guide

As a kid travelling around Australia camping and caravanning, Kate learnt about different cultures, environments and animals. These experiences gave her an appreciation for her home country and a desire to see the four corners of the world. Her overseas adventures and first time on a ‘big plane’ started at 23 with a trip to the end of the Earth, Antarctica. Yes, unorthodox as a first overseas holiday, she was jet-lagged, culture-shocked and violently sick crossing the ‘Drake Shake’  but she wouldn’t change a single thing when she saw snow falling for the first time and icebergs galore! 7 years on, she achieved her goal of 7 continents in 7 years – finishing up with North America and Europe! Antarctica and South America are still her favorites as they are diverse and unique with stunning scenery and people!

She loves adventure and exploring what mother nature created for us! Both above and below the sea she has been lucky enough to see extraordinary animals in their home environments, Africa’s big 5 and most of the little 5, gorillas, elephants, iguanas, tortoises, sharks, rays, seals, penguins, whales, dolphins and thousands of fish to name a few!

With her love of the ocean and educating the next generation of adventurers, whilst not traveling, she leads the team, who care for over 5000 animals who call an aquarium home. She made her childhood dream, to work with animals and explore the amazing world we live in come true. 

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“Stepping foot at the end of the Earth, majestic Antarctica was a dream come true! I had never left Australia, Antarctica was at the top of my bucket list and my theory was you only live once right. Nothing prepared me for the calmness, the quietness and sheer size of the icebergs on a beautiful blue-sky day. Stunning and spectacular, and yet those words still don’t describe the scenery of this magical place!”