Kimberly Nesbitt

Photography Guide

A full-time nomad, Kim is always looking for the next adventure. While completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Denver, she spent time living and conducting environmental research in Zanzibar, Tanzania. She then completed her Master of Business Administration with both the University of Denver and Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. With a childhood dream of working in Antarctica, she set out to find a field that would allow her to share her love of the cold with others, and every trip back down to the White Continent still fills her with excitement.

From traveling the world working on scientific endeavors, she always carried a camera to the beautiful places she found herself, not knowing it would eventually turn into a lifelong passion and career. Her images have been featured on National Geographic online as well as multiple outdoor companies’ web and print material.
Kim knows the power of images that can bring the beauty of the natural world to home, and looks to use these images to inspire awe and conservation. She has worked on marine biology and underwater education videos, temperate rainforest conservation images, and climate change stories as it impacts watersports and paragliders.

Leading wildlife trips, working photography assignments, and personal travel have led her to all seven continents – and you may be surprised to learn which one is her favorite. While not aboard expedition ships, she enjoys skiing, paragliding, diving, and finding a place to pitch a tent. Kim is more than happy to share her passion for nature as well as her knowledge of photography, the underwater world, marine mammals, climate & weather, and all the fun facts she has accumulated over years of expedition travel experience.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“An intimate moment with an elephant seal weaner is hard to forget. Being face-to-snoot with a 400lbs baby, seeing my reflection in his big, black eyes, I thought we were having a moment. I made a few images of this cutie, and put down the camera. And then what does he do? BIG sneeze into my open mouth. “