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Lauren Frammer

Assistant Expedition Leader

Lauren Farmer has extensive experience in both the Arctic and Antarctic, having guided expeditions for the past 7 years. She is a proud fellow of the Explorers Club and is co-founder of a non-profit, the Polar Citizen Science Collective, which works to promote scientist-led citizen science programs on board expedition vessels.

She has led the expansion of NASA’s GLOBE Observer program to the polar regions, which uses in-situ cloud observations to ground-truth satellite imagery, and co-leads an ongoing sea ice data collection project during our icebreaking transits to the North Pole. With a background in marketing, she is passionate about sharing both the beauty and fragility of the polar regions, in hopes of inspiring others to champion for the protection of our precious planet.

Born in Australia but raised in the heart of the American midwest, Lauren now splits her time between the Scottish Highlands and with her family in Canberra.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“Every day in Antarctica is pure magic, but there’s nothing like sitting in a Zodiac with the engine turned off, listening to the crunch and crackle of the glacial ice bobbing on the salty sea beside you, surrounded by towering, ice-capped peaks in every direction.”