Matthew Crouch

Expedition Guide

Matt first travelled to Antarctica in 2015 and was immediately consumed with a passion for the region. Its purity, diversity and brutal nature can’t do anything but capture the imagination when seeing it for the first time.

He first worked as a chef aboard expedition ships in both polar regions but discovered a love for photography along the way. The challenge of capturing wildlife in their natural habitat, or that particular shade of blue when sunlight hits old glacial ice is wonderful. He hopes to share these moments with all of you who come with us on this amazing adventure and to share some of his knowledge and experience along the way as well! It is his goal to capture the beauty and ferocity of this wild land so that those who can’t be here can still see and appreciate the wonders of this final frontier.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“The first time I ever watched a pod of orca on the hunt was something that I will never forget. The way the sudden ferocity broke the calm of the evening and the sheer power they exhibited to achieve their goal was like nothing else I had ever seen.”