Simon Ager

Photography Guide

A native son of Red Deer, Alberta and presently residing in North Vancouver, Canada

A career spanning 18 years as a TV graphic artist creating opening titles for such shows as BBC’s ‘Wildlife on One’, news camera and as an award winning Visual FX artist for film and television, most notably Stargate SG1, Angels & Demons, IRobot and Tropic Thunder to name a few.

A passion for nature and what lies beneath the waves, scuba diving around the world for some twenty years, it was a natural progression to step into the realm of ocean conservation from armchair warrior.

The last ten years have seen him on some twenty four marine based campaigns with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as an officer, ships manager and primarily as a stills photographer, with images appearing in The NY Times, National Geographic NZ, Oceanographic, Le Point Magazine, Laika and Bill-a-Bong stores.

Depending on the time of year and if he’s not on a ship he can be found skiing, hiking with the neighbours Nova Scotia duck toller , horseback riding or motorcycle touring.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

2016 whilst on an anti-whaling campaign with Sea Shepherd I had the opportunity to dive on an iceberg, visually stunning, adrenaline filled and unnerving listening to the explosive sound of ice breaking off somewhere underwater or overhead mixed with the gentle sound of humpbacks singing.