Yuri Choufour

Photography Guide

Yuri Choufour is a Canadian nature & expedition photographer, who’s been fascinated with the natural world since early childhood. After obtaining a diploma in professional photography, and an award for photojournalism, he completed an internship with the Calgary Herald. In 2010 he sought out assisting opportunities with Art Wolfe Inc. & found world travel and teaching photography to be some of his true callings.

Choufour is motivated to continually visit the far corners of the world, and through his work, share the diverse natural beauty of what we stand to lose. His photos are sold to tourism companies, as fine art prints, and cards/calendars. His first book projects are in the works.

Choufour travels for a large part of the year, working as an expedition photographer in the polar regions, and hosting photography tours & workshops across North America. Yuri feels very lucky to call British Columbia home, and loves to hike, snowboard & mountain bike in his own backyard when time allows.

What is your most memorable Antarctic experience?

“Tough call! Standing on the shores of South Georgia Island, with thousands of Kings penguins heading out to sea may clinch it. Having thirty orcas swim by the ship in the Gerlache was equally memorable, and though it’s gruesome, watching a leopard seal hunting a penguin is permanently etched in my memory.”