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We believe that with great travel, comes great responsibility. As a travel company, we know it is our duty to sustain and protect the environment we use and love.
We have, therefore, taken a range of sustainability measures to ensure our expeditions have as little impact as possible while providing our traveller’s with unique and authentic experiences.


‘Sustainable cruising’ might seem like a contradiction in terms, given the history of the big mega liners.
But it’s a side of the industry we want to change and why we are advocates of small ship cruising. In addition to reducing carbon levels in the atmosphere and reversing some effects of climate change by carbon offsetting all our trips, we also try to reduce our footprint by implementing the following:

  • No plastic straws onboard our vessel and working towards eliminating all single use plastics throughout our entire operation.
  • Each guest receives a reusable water bottle to use at a water refill station onboard.
  • Only sustainably sourced seafood is served.
  • Soap/shampoo dispensers are available in all bathrooms.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products are used aboard.
  • All waste is carried with us out of Antarctica.
  • Sustainable suppliers are used wherever possible in our supply chain.
  • We are a founding sponsor of the Antarctic Science Foundation which directly supports Australian science programmes throughout Antarctica.
  • We work with SeaGreen on recycling initiatives and waste minimisation in the gateway city of Ushuaia.


Solar Farm Project

Bambous, Mauritius

This project supports technology transfer, energy transition and the first ever solar farm in Mauritius. The project has created 20 local jobs and saved 220,000 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

Rainforest Rehab

Malaysian Borneo

This project works to replant trees and avoid deforestation of the natural jungle and prevent palm oil plantations being planted. This all contributes to helping sustain the local wildlife.

Winds of Change

Tamil Nadu, India

This project runs 84 wind turbines that have been installed on areas of land sold to the project by a collective of farmers.

Lungs of the Planet

Madre De Dios, Peru

This project conserves the forest area and prevents illegal logging in Madre De Dios, Peru. It also supports the long-term wellbeing of rural communities dependent on subsistence.

Landscape Livelihoods

Malawi, East Africa

This project empowers over 220,000 local villages to reduce deforestation and protect 170,000 hectares of forest in East Africa, by building more sustainable sources of income.

Winds of Change


This project consists of 20 wind power turbines installed in the country, which generate about 109.9 GWh of annual electricity for the local electricity market. It has the added benefit of creating more than 60 local jobs in the community too.